Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Undiscovered territory...

At about the same time as estim arrived in my world of sexual expression, I began to explore one of the taboo areas of male sexuality.  No, I am not talking about anal as I had already not only explored that, but mapped it with exquisite detail.  What I am talking about is urethral stimulation.  In researching the subject, I discovered that the urethra has more nerve endings than the cock, ass, prostate or for that matter any part of the male anatomy and most are of the erogenous variety.  Now Mother Nature does have her quirky side but so richly endowing an area just could not be a mistake.  Like most, I started rather timidly. I quickly learned that on my cock, the area just beyond the opening was initially rather restrictive, but could be coaxed into opening up.  I found that the deeper I went, the more intense and enjoyable the sensations.  I was fascinated that I could quite literally eject a solid stainless steel sound during ejaculation,  with such force as to propel it airborne landing just short of my chin.  There is something very magical about watching and feeling a long, hard, cold length of steel vanishing down my cock under its own weight and then making it rise and fall with urethral contractions.  As the size of the sound reached about 3/8" in diameter, the desire to expand yet larger diminished, but the pleasure derived continued to grow.  I certainly could not have anticipated the importance of urethral play to my ongoing exploration of estim, but that is for a later blog.

FYI, urethral play is NOT to be approached casually or uninformed.  There are a world of infections that can result, some can be serious and all are a damned inconvenience.  Cleanliness is the KEY to urethral play and it never hurts to have an understanding Dr, should the need arise.  I have been fortunate to have not been inflicted with any urinary tract infections over the years of playing, but I give myself credit for being smart about what I was doing.  

That being stated, discovering the world of sensual sensations available ONLY from deep inside the cock is worth the effort of doing it safe.


Friday, September 17, 2010

dangerous bliss...

I can't remember exactly where I picked up on the whole estim culture, but I do remember that I immediately put my new found knowledge in use.  Like so many others, my first venture was using a stereo amp, a PC sound source and some homemade electrodes.  Home Depot is a whole new adventure when on the prowl for a promising DIY estim electrode.  A long forgotten forum provided some guidance which along with the documentation for the "Phaser" estim waveform generator PC program at least pointed me in the right direction.  In fact the docs for Phaser remain among the best for newbies as to how to improve the safety factors involved when using a stereo amp with estim as well as suggested electrode hookup.

So with my crude, first DIY electrodes, my trusty VAIO notebook, a 60W stereo amp and my desire to explore estim, I set about the task.  My first experience was a lot like the first time you fuck...expectation and reality not quite meeting up.  Yes, it felt good, and I certainly wanted to do it again, but it was not the mind blowing OMG that others had raved about.  As an engineer, I felt that the lack of a HFO (hands free orgasm) on the first try was due to a failure on my part.  I continued to play with the various waveforms/electrodes but nothing was really tripping my wire.

It is interesting that my first OMG moment was not of the variety that I had expected.  One of the downsides of using a stereo amp is that it has the potential to "cook" things quite literally.  This I knew and I had taken precautions as detailed in the Phaser docs to minimize the potential, but I really had not considered that a really nasty experience was still a strong possibility.  I remember it well, I was sitting in my home office chair, zoned out on the sensations, when I decided to up the levels a little.  What happened next was a wake up call as the dangers.  The amp I was using had input trim adjustments that I had been using to control the levels of output from the amp (better control than trying to vary the outputs from my PC).  Apparently, one of the potentiometers had a dirty spot and as I eased the level up, it suddenly jumped dramatically.  I went from a buzzed sexual haze to OMG get this shit off me NOW!!!.  I had read about guys getting into this situation and in some cases freezing from panic.  It was an experience unlike anything I had ever experienced, pain, but in a wholly new and vastly more intense form.  I vaguely remember thinking that I might well be frying the family jewels.  The entire length of time from the onset of my shocking situation to relief was only a few seconds, but it seemed a lifetime.  I got a first hand lesson on the darker side of estim (hard core BDSM torture).

Finally, my instincts took over.  I grabbed the power cord leading from the amp to the wall socket and yanked it so hard that it is a wonder that I did not pull the socket out of the wall.  I was very shaken by the experience and it took me a good 30 minutes of doing absolutely nothing to recover.  Thankfully, other than the memory, there was no damage.  I had been lucky that it was nothing more than the voltage levels spiking well beyond the pleasurable point.

I put estim to the side for several weeks after that experience.  Oddly enough, during that lull, the guys at ErosTek came to my attention.  They had very recently introduced the ET312B estim power box.  With the memory of my last stim experience still vivid, even the $499 cost of the ET312B was no deterrent.  I had to have the ET312B.

So ended my initiation into estim.  The journey going forward would now be one of considerably more finesse.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore...

Ah, the first post of a new blog.  I thought about diving in head first, but realizing that some may be reading about this practice for the first time, thought that a tiny bit of general info might be appreciated.  Never fear, there will be plenty of hot, sordid, postings as this blog evolves.

Discovering and exploring the impacts of how technology has been harnessed in the name of  sex, is as diverse and nuanced as sex itself.

This blog focuses primarily on the use of electronically generated electro-stimulation sexual gratification, better know as estim.  The practice, while growing in popularity, is still in the fringes of sexual activity and most newbies typically envision torture and sadomasochistic practices, but the truth is, most practitioners have no interest in the darker side (yes it exists).  

Estim, is a distinctly different form of sexual gratification.  It is nothing like masturbation or intercourse, but may be incorporated with either.  When initially exposed, the brain seems to intuitively understand that it is sexual, but at the same time nothing in the imagination or experience prepares the brain as to how to interpret it.  It is this totally new explosion of sexual sensations that brought to mind the title of this, my initial blog.  

My experience is totally from the male perspective, but the practice is certainly not limited to men.  

The equipment ranges from crude and potentially dangerous homemade setups to extremely sophisticated and safe digital devices designed specifically for the purpose.  While not my experience, many guys report hooking up their model train transformers to their cocks at an early age (not recommended).  They likely discovered that they could touch the train tracks with their fingers, did not get the shit shocked out of their bodies and that the sensation actually was interesting.  Does not take long for the fertile mind of a boy to take the next step.  

I am not going to attempt to do a history of the devices as what is recorded of that is easily found with a few simple web searches, but it was the PC and its widespread availability that really opened up estim exploration.  The PC gave us a tool to generate endless and complex waveforms quickly and without cost, which led to an ocean of opportunities.  The real issue was that the PC required a stereo amp to boost the signal levels high enough for estim and there are a world of reasons why NOT to connect a stereo amp to the family jewels.  Still most of us lost our estim cherry to just such an arrangement.

A few others discovered estim through the medical profession.  Okay, not directly, but rather from the use of TENS equipment in physical rehabilitation.  TENS is not an ideal stim device, but they are battery powered, easily operated and can deliver sexual gratification.  TENS devices are still used by many as inexpensive, but limited, stim sources.

In the past decade the availability of purpose designed estim boxes came of age. Initially there were only a few, but now there is quite an assortment available.  One of the early digital boxes and still a favorite, is the ErosTek ET family (ET312 was the original).  PES initially offered a rebadged TENS unit, but later developed its own digital design. There are others, but these are the two big players.  Unfortunately, a quality, safe, stim specific box does not come cheap with cost running in the $250-$500 range depending of features.

And then there are the electrodes, which can easily exceed the cost of the stim box as they accumulate.  Seems that everyone goes thru a DIY stage, then migrates to commercial and/or custom-made trodes, finally winding up with a mixture of the two.  There is no question that the largest source of quality commercial stim electrodes is Paradise Electro Stim (PES).  As one of the earliest proponents and suppliers, their assortment of electrodes certainly opens up the imagination as to what might feel good.  One thing is for certain, once a guy ventures into stimming, he is likely to explore areas of his sexuality that he never imagined existed.

One last thing, stim is NOT a gay thing.  Oddly estim seems to be an area where the two sides of male sexuality are in total sync. Many str8 guys will engage in a mutual stim session with a gay guy without giving a moments thought to the fact that from the outside, it might appear as a gay encounter (it is NOT, BTW).  Estim is about hooking up, getting juiced sometimes for hours at a time, and ultimately getting off, whether solo or with others.  It is raw male sexuality.

So a bit of background and I suspect a lot of questions.  As I blog of my experiences hopefully some of the questions will be answered and more will venture into the blissful waters of estim.